Monday, November 19, 2007

Nancy Silverton rules!

Had yet another amazing meal at Pizzeria Mozza on Highland and Melrose. Owned by Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton (of the La Brea bakery) its a laid back pizza place using seasonal ingredients. Noah and I stopped in around 3pm and sat at the bar facing the chefs and the wood fired oven. We started with roasted brussel sprouts with proscuitto bread crumbs and green beans with hazelnuts and dijon mustard. Unfortunately, I am picky and I feel like the green beans were undercooked. But the flavor was great. Then we had pizza (of course). I can never eat pizza anywhere else ever again. Noah ordered the chanterelle and onion pie and I ordered the house-made fennel sausage and spring onion pie. So, so good. We sipped half carafes of wine and watched the cooks make everyone's pizza and throw it in the oven with those big long spatula thingys. Then, all of a sudden, Nancy herself popped out of the back, surveyed the scene, then disappeared. What a woman! She decides she's going to learn how to make bread and, boom, La Brea bakery is born. She then decides, How about pizza?, and goes into partnership with Mario. (Who has yet to make an appearance at the restaurant). If you are ever in LA, make sure you stop in.

For some reason, I had a donut craving afterwards so we stopped by a local bakery. I'm not really a sweets girl so it was a first for me to stand in front of a large display case, trying to decide which kind of donut to eat. I think the last time I ate donuts was in Bend when I was in high school at Sweetheart Donuts (all you Bendites know exactly what I'm talking about!).

All in all, a great day off. Went to IKEA and picked out a bunch of plates and glasses for our dinner party next Sunday. Promise to take lots of pics to share!


Leah Perlingieri said...

that's it...i am coming to LA and you are taking me. no reason why fancy-pants cooking and pizza can't live together in one restaurant in harmony!

sweetheart donuts:-) i am DYING to find soy-free maple bars. dying, i tell ya.

what, you didn't save room for swedish meatballs? heeheehee

Mrs. G. said...

Pizza and donuts. You're killing me over here. That restaurant sounds great...I love Mario.

Good luck with your dinner party. I'm looking forward to hearing about it.