Friday, November 30, 2007 my Monday.

Worked today. Had a patient who sliced his arm open on a broken glass and the meat hanging out of his arm looked like beef chunks. Must I always compare things to food? I thought the plasma I infused into a patient looked like chicken stock, I once compared the smell of someone's burning flesh being cauterized as "yummy bacon", and I told a (heavy) patient who came in strapped onto a back board that she looked "just like a trussed up pork loin".

Not surprised...

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Alohanurse said...

Just found this blog site today.

I too am a nurse and my bf is a chef. Thankfully, he's in I don't have to forge Christmas alone.

I work at a private practice in Santa Monica.

Your stories are great. It's nice to know there are other Nurse Chef Wives around.