Thursday, November 8, 2007


Why can't I stay on task? Focused? I start a project and then it peters out. I have a half sewn pair of pajama bottoms gathering dust in my closet next to my equally dusty sewing machine that I had spent many a happy moment on churning out napkins and aprons. I have a half finished puzzle on my dining room table. I actually put a place mat (homeade) on it and ate dinner one evening. I have a fantastic idea for a children's story that is so close to being finished. I started it three years ago! I told my landlord I was going to paint the living room, a year ago, but still my walls are white. I was so excited when my sister turned me on to the world of blogging and yet I haven't written anything since September!

I think there is a couple of things at work here. One: I smoked a lot of pot in my youth. A lot. That's all I'm going to say about that. And two: Blogging is a way of socializing and I work so much with the public that sometimes I hide away in my house and don't talk to anyone, don't go anywhere, I don't even step outside. I peer out the window like some paranoid old lady, watching the world outside but never joining in. I have even been known to order my groceries on line and have them delivered! My only human contact is with the delivery boy. ( I haven't found out a way around that yet). So blogging feels like I have to make a human connection and I'm not always ready for that.

My sister has shamed me, (although I know that was not her intention), into paying more attention to my blog. I enjoy it, I feel good when I do it. And now she says that a whole group of bloggers are going to write EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I doubt I can do it but I will try.


Leah Perlingieri said...

no shame, no shame...just a gentle nudge since YOU know you SHOULD be writing (b/c you are good at it!), and this is sooooo much easier than tackling a book. ;-)

Mrs. G. said...

Well I must say you seem to communicate just fine...should I be worried about you and that delivery boy?