Thursday, November 20, 2008

A tribute to my lil' sis!

My little sister is turning 28!

We've had such fun years together! She was my little buddy. Six years younger than me, I took her under my somewhat tattered wing and taught her everything I knew. I don't ever remember her being a nuisance like a lot of little sisters are and she always had such a good sense of humor with my teasing!

Leah and I had plenty of quality toilet time together.  Not afraid to share in one another's bodily functions! (Still not).

I think this was my 19th birthday.  Leah made me a hand painted green bud container box. I wish I still had it! Leah, you were only 13 in this pic! My god! Had I already tainted you with bong hits and booze? You seemed so grown up then but I look back and think "FOR SHAME! FOR SHAME!"
Leah in her punk rocker stage. Note the rabbit in the background that she handed-down to me!

Bachelorette party after she met Blake. The book title was an apt foreshadow of good things to come.

Watching my sister get married!

Of course, she was right there with me for my marriage a few years later.

I freakin love this photo!

I can never repay Lou for the gifts she has given me...

...and my husband!

So here's to you, Lou! Happy birthday!!


Hilary Battes said...

Great photo spread!

leahsmom said...

OK Mom just learned way more than she ever knew, but you know Im ok with it because you girls looked out for each other and that helped me get through your stages of life. I love you both so much! Where did you get some of those pictures? I always wondered where that last one went. Wasnt that at one of Meshems ball games or practice in Kethikan? MoM

Anonymous said...

I'm just cruising on over from Leah's blog. I love this post and the pictures of you two. It sounds like the two of you have an awesome relationship!


Leah Perlingieri said...

Omg, my cheeks are red from blushing but sore from smiling. Didn't your boyfriend accidentally step on that box? Damn!

Wow, I don't know what to say....thank you for doing this even though now all my friends will see it...Mayan and Isadore are going to love these, too, many of them they have not seen.

I love you, too!!!

UrbanHippieMama said...

This post is so wonderfully, beautifully, hilariously, AWESOME!! THANK YOU for sharing these sweet (and embarrassing!) memories and photos with us, Naomi. :)

And Happy Birthday to YOU, Leah!!

Shannon said...

Leah Happy Birthday hun from Aunt Shannon. Hugs for Mayan, Isadorable and Geo. And howdy to Blake. Happy Thanksgiving