Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Motorcycles and apple pie.

I passed my motorcycle class!!  Which means I can go to the DMV, take a written test, and get a motorcycle license.  Then I can go buy my scooter.  As much fun as riding a motorcycle is, I just don't feel safe doing it here in LA.  I'll just zip around from work and the grocery store on my scooter.  

For some reason, maybe the cool weather, I got the hankerin' to make an apple pie.  I had never made one before but the apples are beautiful right now.  I haven't had good luck with baking but tonight I pulled this out:

It turned out really tasty.  Two successful endeavors in one day.  

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leahsmom said...

Your apple pie looks flakey and golden brown and scrumpious. It has to taste as good as it looks. Congratulaions on your bravery on both counts. I bet you cant wait to get on a motor scooter to ride to and from work and the store. Love MoM