Monday, March 24, 2008

Chefs' Widow. Again...

I am once again a chefs' widow. I pretend I look like this: but this is probably more reality..
I suppose I had forgotten, after 8 months of having my husband home and at my beck and call, what it truly was like to be married to a chef. His last day off was, ummm, 3 weeks ago. I think. I can't remember. I do remember that he got about a thousand phone calls, from work. He leaves the house before I get up and comes home pretty much right around the time I decide I'm done waiting up for him to come home. When he does come home he is his usual loving self, but then falls asleep in his chair while I'm midsentence. I find his clothes all over the house. Dirty aprons by the door, pants by the closet, and his undies on the bathroom floor in front of the shower. I can piece together his time at home by following the clues of his clothing. I've taken out the garbage several times. The fridge is bare. My cooking is WAY out of practice. We "share" a car, which means I haven't been in it in several weeks and I know my bus routes by heart.

He finally has a day off tomorrow. You know what he wants to do? Visit his grandmother! I hate to be selfish but, what?!? So I will be the dutiful wife and visit gramma Lea on our one day off together. One cool thing is that we can hit the Chino Farm stand and get all sorts of goodies and cook a fabulous lunch for her. My husband loves to cook even on his days off. (or maybe he would rather cook than have me cook, out of practice and all..)

So, I'm back in the club all you chef wives! My fave chef wife is funny, smart, and cute. Check her out at


Hilary Battes said...

I love these pictures! I totally picture myself as that glam girl on top-so not the reality. You've done some great writing and I'm looking forward to more. PS. My chefhusband thought your name was "Larn". Come on.

Chef's Widow said...

Welcome back to the best club ever-nothing says marriage like 18 hour work days and not seeing your chef for 3 weeks.