Friday, February 22, 2008

My birfday!

I'm twenty thirteen today, haha! And besides my poor eyesight, my chronic back ache, my inability to wear heels for more than an hour, and my annoyance at anyone in their early twenties, I feel pretty good. I was trying to recall what I had done for my birthdays since I had moved to LA and the only way I could refresh my memory was by looking at past photos. But, oh, what good times I have had!
Last year we were on a cruise. Playing bingo and drinking obnoxious drinks. What, did I turn 72??

The year before we went to Napa for olive oil and wine tasting. We ate at a friends restaurant in Yountville.

Aahh, this is more like it!

The year before was San Francisco. We had oysters at the wharf and went into Berkeley to visit friends Chris and Mona. Chris cooked up 10 million courses for me right out of his kitchen. Fabulous wine was poured of course.

This year? I went out with friends last night to a wine bar in Culver City and then to a bar called Saints and Sinners. I actually did a shot! Got all sorts of pamperey (word?) gifts from the ladies. Soaps and lotions and bubble bath and wine and candles. As far as tonight goes, I have no idea what we are doing. Noah has something up his sleeve and I have instructions to buy a dress... Sounds fun!

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katydidnot said...

if pampery isn't a word? it totally should be.