Saturday, February 9, 2008

The flu!

I made a vow to myself this year to protect myself and all the people I come into contact with during the flu season and get a flu shot. So in October I did my nurse duty and subjected my left deltoid muscle to be injected with a small amount of the CDC's "guess" of what the flu virus should be this year.

I GOT THE FLU! Just spent three horrific, feverish, achy and exhausting days battling it out. Couldn't go anywhere, made a nest on the couch and popped massive amounts of advil while watching horrible TV in between my fever induced nightmares. Slept probably 16 hours a day. Now I'm on the up and up, thank advil, and actually ventured outside yesterday for some fresh air. I think the only good thing the flu shot did for me was keep the illness shorter than it would have been.

Keep well, people. It's out there and its not fun.

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Anonymous said...

hiya la rn! Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. First, and last, time I got a flu shot was while working on an ambulance crew in the mid 90's. I was sick for 3 months with a low grade "thing" that just wouldn't go away. Not having any shots since, i usually get sick for about 4-8 days every 2 years. And that's usually 'cause i'm asking for it!

I know you work around sick people, but there's other things to do. The shots are complete BS! Don't do it.

Are you both coming up for sisters blessing way?

love from bend - m&c&a