Thursday, July 22, 2010

Portland (might as well be called Heaven)

Gorgeous, lovely Portland. Of course we got there when the weather was on its best behavior so it seems like its the most fabulous city of all time! This is the Marriott on the river. Our view from our balcony, for a ridiculously small amount of money. Thank you honey!

We hit up some Asian markets for seafood (Noah is picky so we went to three different places) and he decided on some live shrimp and whole striped bass.

We had so much fun with our nieces and nephew! They all have their own crazy personalities. Noah hadn't seen the kids in almost two years!

Me: What time is it?
Isadore: Half past a monkey's ass according to his balls!
Me: (see photo)

The fish just before it went on the BBQ. Mom looks so cute in the background.. Anticipation!!!

Fresh sardines! Mayan loves these so it was a special treat for her birthday...

The man and his grill...

Serving it up!! Crazy, kid yelling, everybody talking, noisy, fun dinner with the fam!

Downtown Stumptown

Karaoke was so much fun! No embarrassment just beltin' it out. The kids were naturals!

Sing it George! He did "Twinkle, Twinkle" and No Doubt's "Hey Baby".

Nice move, Uncle Noah. I didn't know you liked Lady Gaga... (Look at George hugging the girls from behind)

George and Uncle Noah singing some Johnny Cash. George liked to walk around the "stage" with his mic.

Noah loves this photo!

Late night with Aaron Woo. Regrets we didn't take photos when we had lunch with him, Karen, and Ethan.

Spending some quality backyard time with Gray. Ate egg sandwiches made from his chickens eggs and helped save a woodpecker from being pecked to death!

Too short, too short.......

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Leah Perlingieri said...

leah: those pics were SO GOOD!!! we had a blast...


issy: i loved the food that uncle noah cooked, it was so good. and loved how mayan looked holding the shrimp, it was so cute!

George: hey baby hey baby!