Thursday, February 25, 2010

My 35th...

We had so much fun on Noah's birthday downtown that we decided to do it again for mine. Downtown LA always seemed like a place you never went unless you worked there. But there is a budding society and it makes it seem like we are visiting another city. A vacation 20 minutes (or an hour and a half) away (depending on traffic, of course!).

Our first stop, Bar 107. Big ol' Pabst served in an old school dive bar!

3pm. Downtown LA. PBR's. Camera. Love it!!!

Next, we walked a couple of blocks away to a a wine bar called The Must. They served tator tots with cheddar cheese sauce. And really strong Raaaaaaayyyy Neeeaaaarrrrrrr Beeeeaaaarrrrr!

Noah drank an Old Milwaukee and we snacked on a warm, soft pretzel with a fabulous mustard.

Next we walked a couple of blocks to The Redwood Bar and Grill (a pirate bar, Arrghh!). This was the view outside the door...

Lately, I've really been into Journey. More precisely, I've been OBSESSED with Journey, especially with Steve Perry. So on my bday I wanted to sing "Journeyokie". We snuck in a pint of Jim Beam and sung our hearts out!

'Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am
Lost without you'

-Steve Perry

Thoroughly toasted and ready for some good food, we walked/bussed to Church and State, a fairly new place on the outskirts of downtown. Downtown is a sketchy place to walk around: one minute you are in a gentrified neighborhood, the next skid row.. Yikes! But we made it okay and shared a prix fixe menu for $39.

Amuse bouche: english pea veloute with smoked bacon
Raw oyster and poached shrimp
Duck breast with lentils, brussel sprouts, and orange duck sauce
I forgot the dessert because I don't really like dessert...

We took the 720 home, straight down Wilshire. Barely had to wait, stopped at the HMS Bounty mid-wilshire, halfway through the ride. Got bought a drink by a regular, chatted it up with an Asian Jew and a gay guy. Fun, fun...

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