Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's been awhile...

It seems like it's been so long since I logged on to the 'ol Blogger site. So many things have happened: the usual life, coupled with crazy shit. It is pretty amazing that life just keeps going on and on. The first and most emotional thing that happened to me in my absence from Blogger is that a friend of mine died. Sharon was 35, has two kids ages almost 2 and 4. She has a wonderful husband, Brice. I went to her wedding, she went to mine. We worked together at the pub, I thought at first that she didn't like me. She was so pretty and had her shit together. I was just trying to get my shit together. She accepted me unconditionally. She was so sweet, such a nice person. We partied together, worked together, even shared a boyfriend at one point! After I moved to LA, she always called me, even visited once with her newborn, Wesley. In March of this year she told me she hadn't been feeling well and was losing weight. She always had a trim, sexy body. She couldn't afford to lose any weight. I flew up to visit her in April, she had been diagnosed with "abdominal" cancer and was getting ready for a round of chemo. After a hard fight, and the realization that nothing could be done, Sharon died on September 29th. I was blessed to spend time with her a couple of days before she died.

Sharon was so beautiful, inside and out. In the picture below is Melanie Lagalo, Sharon, and me. We had so much fun together, going through the phases of our lives, but still connecting.

When I went to see Sharon just before she died, Melanie and I had a chance to reconnect, rediscovering our friendship and remembering the good times with Sharon...
Then I drove up to Portland and hung out with my sister and her kids. What a great time! The girls are awesome and I got to meet George, circa 1 year old. He's soooo cute!

My parents live in The Dalles and my mom took us to a scenic overlook complete with a park for the kids and a gorgeous rose garden.
I fell in love with the Los Angeles Dodgers! We were given tickets and had a blast cheering them on. Too bad they couldn't get past the playoffs. Next year, next year!
A couple of weeks ago we were privileged to attend Noah's nephew's wedding in Santa Barbara. We stayed in Carpenteria for two nights. The wedding was gorgeous, as was the couple.

On the way home from SB we visited McGrath farms. Noah has been a big fan for a couple of years. They had end of summer tomatoes and zucchini as well as fall shelling beans.

For October we carved pumpkins...
I returned to Santa Barbara on my own to visit with Melanie who was visiting some old friends. We went on a great hike in Montecito.
And, as per usual, Noah is constantly involved in some sort of food project. Most recently, curing his own olives.

We hiked Calabasas Peak. It took only an hour and we timed it perfectly to watch the sunset.
Good times, so far, in 2009. I miss Sharon so much but, just as she would want, I appreciate the beauty of the world surrounding me.


Unknown said...

A great memorial to Sharon. I can feel you missing her. Ok the pumpkins are unbelievably beautiful! You have had a full summer thats for sure.

Leah Perlingieri said...

yay for blogging again!

i am so stoked i got to squeeze a visit in with you even though it was because your friend was dying. your friend was right: cancer is a fuckface. it is also nice to have friends that remain in your life through all the changes.

i love you so much and miss you a ton.

ps you pumpkin-carver-cheaters! just kidding, those templates are crazy awesome!