Friday, December 19, 2008

Overheard in Los Angeles...

A 4 year old came into the ER with a laceration above his chin but under his lip.  (You know where I'm talking about?)  So he does really good while we glue him and a nurse says "You did so good Santa is going to bring you lots of presents!"

He says: "Oh, I'm only getting one present".

Nurse: "Really?"

Kid: "Yeah, the economy is really tough this year".

Hahahhahhahhhaaa!  That is friggin awesome!


leahsmom said...

Dont you just love 4 year olds! I bet he gets more than one present though. Does your hospital give out stuffed animals to children during the holidays who come in? We did that at bmc when I worked there I thought it was an awsome program. Employees filled up the boxes during Nov. and everyone wanted to participate.What a joy to let a child pick out a stuffed toy after their visit. love you MoM

LA RN said...

The volunteer "angels" at work give each kid a small stuffed bear while they are being seen in triage. It's great because they have something to hold onto as well as a tool for us to show the kid what we are going to do to them on the bear first. i.e, "See how we listen to the bear's lungs?". It's pretty cool.

Love you too.