Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Felt my second earthquake since I've lived in SoCal. If you have never felt one, it is something unique, scary, and unforgettable. First of all, earthquakes don't give a f*ck. They don't care if you have a home in the Hollywood hills or a cardboard box under the Santa Monica Pier. No consideration is given to us puny mankind parasiting (word?) on the face of the earth. Second of all, an earthquake sounds weird. There is really no other sound quite like your house groaning and shifting under your feet.

So here is what happened to me at 11:42am. I was lounging in bed, dozing on and off, in my pajamas. I wasn't quite sure if my husband was home or not. He tends to stay really quiet if I'm in bed. At precisely 11:42 I had pulled back the covers to get out of bed when the house started shaking. In one instant I thought a big truck must be going by and in the next instant I knew it was an earthquake. I called out to Noah and the bedroom door opened. Noah walked in with a really worried look on his face and I jumped up and we stood in the hallway together. The house was still moving. It lasted about 10 seconds which doesn't really seem that long but when you have no idea if it is going to stop or get stronger... 10 seconds is a long time. As we were standing in the doorway I kept thinking, 'I'm in my underwear. I need to put on some pants.' That was my deep thought as I faced what could have possibly been a horrible disaster. Then it just stopped. We put on the news, heard it was a 5.4 with the epicenter in Chino Hills. Then of course it was hype, hype, hype all day long on the news.

At least no one was hurt. It could have been ugly. They keep saying this was an "advertisement" for the big one. Great...


leahsmom said...

I'm glad you are o k and were not seperated when the quake happened if you were apart you would be so worried for the other person. It's very scarey for us to know you are in earthquake country! Love you and miss you. MoM

Leah Perlingieri said...

Guess you need to choose an "earthquake" outfit now and have it all layed out by the bed--LOL!