Thursday, January 10, 2008

Other fun things in the ER..

So please read my last blog to appreciate this one: I was dealing with a patient with a finger amputation. It doesn't matter how busy you are, the patients keep rolling in.. A twenty something girl came in a few minutes after our poor guy who was losing his finger. Of course, she didn't know this. Her complaint was " a big, deep cut". She had a TINY cut on her wrist that you and I would not walk into an ER for. I wanted to walk her into the amputee room and tell her, "THIS is a big, deep cut!!!"

Tell me, would a nurse hotline be helpful to people? A way to avoid the ER $$$ for possible practical advice? Let me know..


Leah Perlingieri said...

um, i say no because the liability of the nurse to give advice of "don't come in" without actually seeing the patient/wound would be too great. i mean, people are dumb. this girl would have said on the phone "big deep cut..." how deep? "um, can't really tell...." okay, then to be safe come in....--then the same scenario anyway.

everyone should have some good medical books at home. every time i wonder about an illness/injury, i get out my books and do my own assessment--if it says "look for this this and this--and if x then go to the dr..." people should have SOME responsibility for their own health, and use good judgement. guess it's not that easy when you are hurt though.

Mrs. G. said...

I bet she had insurance, though, right?

Crazed Nitwit said...

We have a few nurse hotlines here near SEattle and I do find them helpful. I applying to an LPN program and can't wait to meet all these sweet needy patients. Bwahahahahahaha!