Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another fabulous mini vacation...

A relic I felt worthy of posting now..

Went on another great vacation while Noah is on a work hiatus. We had a wedding in Los Gatos on Saturday June 9th so we headed up a day early and stayed in San Jose. The drive was about 5 hours; we enjoyed our iPods through the car stereo and stopped at a rest stop and ate Framani salami, d'affinois soft cheese, and hunks of sourgdough bread. We switched back and forth on driving duties, laughing when Noah did a funny South Park imitation "They took our joobbs!", and telling each other in a funny voice, "We're havin' fuuunnnn!"
Our hotel was modern and cool and we headed straight to the pool for the afternoon, drinking the champagne of beers (Miller High Life), and diving in when we got too warm. We had reservations at a Michelin 2 star restaraunt and called a taxi to take us there at 7:30. They sat us at a wonderful corner table and we didn't leave until 12:30! We ordered the tasting menu paired with wine; the food was amazing, the wine was equally, and at the end of the meal we met the chef who had actually met Noah at a bookstore some time back. Go figure..

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