Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday suppers

We went out to eat twice today. For lunch we went to one of our favorite bistros in West LA/Brentwood called Literati II. Noah had been offered a job there but declined for certain reasons. It has become one of our favorite places to eat, the food is always good and consistent. Farmer's market driven and simple. Since it was Sunday, they were serving brunch. Noah had grilled asparagus with burrata cheese, prosciutto, and a walnut vinagrette. I had a bacon and broccoli quiche. We snacked on pomme frites with aoli, first. Very relaxing Sunday, 2pm. And Noah, being the insanely sweet husband he is, accompanied me to a fabric store where I bought some beautiful apron making material. (See above photo for the awesome finished product! Thank you Amy Butler!)

For dinner, we traveled to West Hollywood (pretty much the mecca of all great LA restaurants), and a place we only go when we are seeking out said great restaurants. We went to a place called Celadon, Noah worked with the chef a couple of years ago. The chef is half Jewish, half Japanese; the food "asian fusion". The food had great clean flavors, was fun, and the kitchen sent us some special dishes on the house. But probably not a place I would go back to. The decor made me feel like I was in Pier One. The service was great though. I was having really bad menstrual cramps toward the end of the meal, you know the kind, feels like you are starting to have contractions. (I say that in theory, of course.) Needless to say, I wanted to cut the meal short and go home and get in my jammies but I also wanted to have dessert. I asked if I could get "The Lemon Trio" to go but, alas, the server informed me it was not possible. Oh well. We paid the bill and started to walk out, me half doubled over my contracting uterus, when the server called us back. The chef had sent us the lemon trio to eat before we left! So, we sat back down and ate gratefully, my cramps momentarily forgotten.

Noah and I never feel guilty for these overindulgent days. Yes, we're taking in far too many calories, and yes, we are spending way too much money. But who cares? We are enjoying our time in LA, the sights, the food, the weather. We are enjoying our years of fast metabolism, low cholesterol, and healthy livers. We will probably pay the price later but for now we are loving our lives, loving food, and, most importantly, loving each other.

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