Saturday, December 18, 2010

A long overdue shout out to the hubby...

First of all, my husband is a chef professionally but still LOVES to cook at home. It's a shame when other chef's say they don't have the energy or desire to cook at home because they do it all day. Noah visits the farmers market every week and knows the farmers by name. They give him free goodies to bring home. He isn't afraid to try something he doesn't recognize or has never worked with. We don't eat anything out of a box or a can (except San Marzano tomatoes) and haven't eaten fast food in years. Our pantry is filled with canned goods from the summer: Tomatoes, pickles, salsas, peaches, peppers, jams, olives, and jalepenos. Bottom line: we eat well.

He may whip up a little afternoon brunch on our day off. Cranberry beans, corn, hericot verts and croutons, all topped with a poached egg and served with a rose out on our patio.

For dinner, it might be scallops and lightly deep fried vegetables with an eggplant puree. (This was in the summer, of course)

He is an artist.....

...and food is his medium.
He's not always so fancy.... Cooking for my family while visiting in Portland.

His fried chicken and potato salad we bring with us to Dodger stadium is STOOPID! (That's a good thing)

He makes desserts too.. (of COURSE he made the biscuits from scratch. Thanks mom!)

This is a typical scene in our kitchen: pots a'bubblin away on the stove, the rear one is chicken stock that we freeze into ice cube trays then throw the cubes into whatever we need it for, salmon we got from the seafood market down the street, a chantrelle mushroom waiting to be sliced... it always smells SO GOOD!!!

This is the result:

So I've done all my bragging for now. I'm just so proud of his talent and his passion and feel blessed he shares his knowledge (and meals!) with me. He's also pretty darn cute..


Leah Perlingieri said...

Noah RULES!! His passion for food is totally inspiring. (ps: Nice to see you posting!)

Heather said...

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